Don’t Work on Too Many Projects

eric kim portrait
Portrait by Neil Ta / New Orleans, 2015

‘Why for so short a life tease ourselves with so many projects?’ — Horace

In photography and life — less is more, when it comes to your projects.

That means focus in your photography. Don’t distract yourself with too many different photography projects.

What is the 1 project or 1 photo you want to be remembered for?

eric kim cindy project garden grove
Garden Grove, 2015 #cindyproject

I feel that if you’re remembered for even 1 photography project after you die; you’ve done your job.

For me, that is the “Cindy Project” — documenting my love for Cindy, and our life together. My hope with the project is that it will inspire other photographers to document their loved ones, not take their loved ones for granted, and to find beauty in everyday life.

If I cannot accomplish that, then even being remembered for 1 photograph — I have done my job. That 1 photo would probably be my “laughing lady” photo in NYC— it is a photograph that puts a huge smile on my face, makes me feel positive, and encourages those who I show it to.

eric-kim-street-photography-portrait-ricohgr-2015-nyc-laughing-lady-5thave laughing lady
NYC, 2015

So for you friend — just aim for 1 great project or 1 great photo in your lifetime. Even if you can’t make 1 great project, or 1 great photo — aim to please yourself.

The secret to life is to not get distracted with too many pursuits, projects, and hobbies. The more you spread yourself out, the less effective you are. You want to hone in your skills, passions, and talents like a laser— to burn holes through steel.

Your life short. Don’t waste a precious second of it.


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