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Photography as Discovering Beauty in Unlikely Places

A thought:

Perhaps the joy of us as photographer is this: To discover beauty in unexpected places!

Uncovering beauty in the mysterious world in which we live in

The joy of photography, monochrome, flash, etc is this:

Photographing the world TRANSFORMS the world, and also uncovers hidden beauty.

For example, I don’t see the world in monochrome, I see the world in color. However when I shoot with RICOH GR II/RICOH GR III in high contrast monochrome preview JPEG, I SEE the world in monochrome which makes the world simpler, more elegant, more interesting, and more beautiful.

Photography as “Eye Spy”/”Where’s Waldo”

For the most part, we all see and witness similar things in ’embodied reality’. But our skill and passion in photography is this:

See and uncover beauty where others don’t see it (beauty in the mundane/everyday).



Photography by KIM

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Mad men. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z

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RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017
RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017

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Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

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