Why Flash Street Photography is So Fun

Flash street photography is fun because it makes interesting images, dynamic compositions, is challenging

Transform your world

Add more vibrancy, color, and vigor to your work

Reality looks different with a flash


  1. Perhaps with cameras and street photography, we should optimize our setup to make shooting with a flash as easy as possible. Thus when in doubt, optimize your camera to be used with a flash. For example the integrated flash on RICOH GR II, or even the convenient pop-up flash on the Fujifilm XT-series camera.
  2. Don’t be interested in cameras which using a flash is difficult, or isn’t integrated.
  3. On a side note, using a flash with a Leica M rangefinder is a ton of fun. Most of my most meaningful photos I shot on a Leica M9 or film Leica MP were shot with a flash.
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