Flash street photography is fun because it makes interesting images, dynamic compositions, is challenging

Transform your world

Add more vibrancy, color, and vigor to your work

Reality looks different with a flash


  1. Perhaps with cameras and street photography, we should optimize our setup to make shooting with a flash as easy as possible. Thus when in doubt, optimize your camera to be used with a flash. For example the integrated flash on RICOH GR II, or even the convenient pop-up flash on the Fujifilm XT-series camera.
  2. Don’t be interested in cameras which using a flash is difficult, or isn’t integrated.
  3. On a side note, using a flash with a Leica M rangefinder is a ton of fun. Most of my most meaningful photos I shot on a Leica M9 or film Leica MP were shot with a flash.


dark skies over tokyo ERIC KIM

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