How to Shoot More Photos

Simple ideas:

1. Walk more

The more you walk, the more you witness, and the higher the likelihood you will see something which inspires you or motivates you to shoot!

2. Don’t think too much; just shoot.

Don’t use your brain when shooting. Just shoot!

3. Shoot small resolution JPEG

In praise of small jpeg:

You expedite your work-flow, and you worry less about post-processing or running out of storage space.

As a consequence, you got more inspiration and motivation to shoot more!

4. Just share your photos to your own blog

The problem with social media:

You just want to optimize your photography to get 1 really really good photo to maximize your social media likes.

But with a blog, you have sooooo much more creative control to shoot however you like, and share however you like!

5. Just photograph all aspects of your life

No more life-photo separation. Life-photo integration.

6. Shoot a lot of variations of the same photo

  • snow


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Mad men. NYC, 2017. Pentax 645Z

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RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017
RICOH GR II selfie in mirror, double eye surreal. Prague, 2017

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AMERICA - ERIC KIM16 eric kim woman popsicle

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Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos
Prague, 1968. Josef Koudelka / Magnum Photos

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