In Praise of Tiled Galleries

In WordPress, you can use ‘Tiled Galleries’ (like shown below), which is a great way to publish, share, and view your work:

How to access tiled galleries

Two options:

  1. If you own your own site, install the ‘Jetpack‘ plugin, then use the ‘Tiled Galleries’ function.
  2. For, ‘Tiled Galleries’ is a default option.

Why tiled galleries?

To me a tiled gallery is like a mash-up between a photo gallery, a photo collage — a more unique way to view your photos which is also more interactive, random, and interesting!

For example, the Tiled Gallery will automatically format your images to fit together seamlessly (you can also manually adjust it later). The biggest benefit:

The interesting random pairing that Tiled Galleries sometimes does to showcase your work.

Choosing the width

(Best displayed on desktop or laptop)

Another great thing about wordpress and blogging:

The ability to choose how wide you want to show your photos (normal, wide, or full width).

For example this is normal width for tiled gallery:

This is wide width:

This is full width:

Screenshot your tiled gallery

Then another fun thing I will do:

Take screenshots of the tiled galleries on my blog, and turn them into static images.

For example:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2

I would have never thought about putting the photos together in this combination (randomly chosen by Tiled Gallery) — but they are fascinating to look at, and I love it!

Once again: using randomness is a POSITIVE benefit to our artistic innovation and creativity; being able to come up with new and novel ways to experience, show, and enjoy our own photos!