Simplest composition ERIC KIM

Why Simpler Compositions are Superior

Something which endlessly fascinates me:

How to make the best composition of a given scene?

I was looking through some photos, and a simple realization:

The simpler the photograph, the more superior.

My analysis

So let us first take a look at this one scene I was photographing, and three different compositions i shot of it:

For myself, I prefer the last (third) photograph. And I was curious:

*Why* do I best prefer the third photograph?

Then I took it to Procreate on my iPad to start analyzing and deconstructing for myself:

So if we analyze all three images, you can see that the little yellow border on the top left and top right of the frame is a bit distracting.

For the second image, the background (grey) road frames the top of the frame. No more snow in the top left and right of the frame like the first photo.

For the third and last photo, it is the simplest composition possible.

  • Simple composition

Analyzing then the third photo, I like the curves in the outline of the tree, as well as the textures of the tree (repeating diagonal lines):

The simplest and strongest means of visual expression and communication and visual impact

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