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What is Creative Photography?

Technically, any photo you create is “creative”. When we say “creative”, I think what we mean to say is “innovative, unique perspective, artsy, artistic”, etc.

But truly speaking … I think creative photography can be anything. To simply create photos, or “photograms”, or photo visual images, or visual art works derived from photos, or even sketching or painting over your photos (analogue or digitally) is “creative”. Applying filters or glitching effects is creative. It’s all creative!

So then what’s the goal? Simple … to just keep iterating your photos creatively, in innovative and new ways. To have fun with it, to never stop switching up your style, growing and evolving as a photographer, visual artist and creative!

1. Remixing, re-editing, and painting on top of your old photos

This is one fun technique.

  • Creative cindy

This is done via iPad and Procreate:

View in Procreate:

Very fun to take a single image you like and chop it up indefinitely!

And the fun — you can experiment indefinitely!

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