What Are Your Life Goals?

Let us assume you will live to be 120 years old in excellent physical and cognitive health. What do you desire to accomplish, do, achieve, or create while you’re still alive?

To me, this is the beginning of philosophy.

1. Decide what you don’t really care for or value

I think the first point:

Determine what you DON’T care about in life, and what you will decide NOT to waste your precious life-force on.

In modern society, what we value is money, buying a house, buying fancy cars, living a more ‘luxury’ lifestyle, becoming more famous, etc.

I think it is important to figure out what the biases are in the society/culture you live in, and after that– determine whether you really care for these values.

2. Your life goals are in flux.

My life goals from when I was younger until now are different. Over the years, I’ve accomplished some goals. I’ve also decided that some life goals I once desired, I determined that I no longer was interested in it.

Essentially what I mean to say is this:

Your life goals will never be static. They will always be in a state of flux, and changing.

And at any point you determine– you can decide:

This goal is no longer for me. I no longer deem this goal important to me.

You can change your life goals in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year, or in a decade.

My basic idea is this:

Perhaps it is good to have a general direction to life (like sailing a boat at sea)– but it is impossible to determine what we will encounter during our journey in life.

3. There are no ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ life goals

It isn’t necessary to compare your life goals with anybody else. If you deem that your life goals are important to you– than give a middle-finger to anyone else who tells you otherwise.

No matter how epic, noble, or great you think your life goal is– there will ALWAYS be people out there who will deem your life goal to be ‘unworthy’ or ‘inferior’ (compared to what they believe in). Or they might simply try to disparage you and your life goals, out of a sense of their personal insecurity and their lack of self-faith in themselves.

4. My personal life goals


I cannot speak for you, but let me share with you my personal life goals at the moment:

Focus to come up with deeper thoughts, create more innovative ideas, and never stop making art which excites me.

But this is my own answer for myself, and this too will change over time.

5. Determine the answer for yourself

What is your life goal? Meditate and reflect on this– and determine it for yourself.


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