How to Conquer Pessimism

Pessimism — this little troll. Where does this ugly demon come from?

What does ‘pessimism’ mean?

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Pessimism means ‘worst’. It is a superlative of the word ‘malus’ (bad).

Also interesting etymology for the word ‘pessimus‘ is the proto-indo-european word “ped+” (which means to walk, fall, or stumble). So perhaps a ‘pessimistic’ outview in life is a life in which you see life as full of negativity– full of stumbling blocks; hidden traps for you to fall into.

Is it bad to be pessimistic?

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I don’t think it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to be pessimistic. All I know is that if you are pessimistic, it just is a shitty way to live and feel.

If you’re a pessimist, you have less energy, less vigor, and less enthusiasm for life. And I don’t know about you– but I prefer living a life where I have maximal energy, maximum feeling of power, maximal gratitude and enthusiasm for life.

Furthermore if you’re a pessimist, and see everything in a negative light — you are essentially saying:

I wish I were never born. Being alive is torture. I wish I were dead.

This is essentially the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer; the ultimate philosophy of those with weak souls and wills.

Why be optimistic?

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The opposite of pessimism is optimism. It comes from the latin word ‘optimus‘ (which means ‘best’).

Being alive is the best thing even conceivable of. Furthermore, in modern society– we have the BEST conditions of thriving ever known to man.

Unlimited and free high-speed internet (practically), no chance of famine or death by starvation or lack of water, unlimited free/cheap entertainment, practically free clothing, no fear of death by the cold. No more wild beasts that can kill us, and a government which offers us (some) sort of protection against the ultimate downside of total financial ruin.

With an optimistic outlook in life, we think:

There are no downside in life and being alive. Life is unlimited upside.

Life is too infinitely short to be pessimistic

Most likely you’re not going to die today. In-fact, with modern medicine it is not unlikely for you to live to be ~100-120 years during this lifetime.

Consider– if you are going to live that long, and you don’t plan on committing suicide, ask yourself:

Do I want to make the willingful choice to pessimistic for the rest of my life, until I die?

If you had the option to tar yourself with feathers, grime, and dirt for the rest of your life, would you? Or would you rather paint yourself refulgent gold, shining hard, and having the visual and mental intelligence to see the good in every bad?



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