composition before and after

How to Self-Critique Your Photography

How and why self critique in photography is good:

Seeking to surprise yourself and delight yourself

  • Mexico City layers ERIC KIM
  • composition Mexico City critique composition

This seems to be the first thing. For myself, I delight most in my photography when I look at my photos (new or old) and am surprised by how unique or interesting the compositions are!

curve minimalism ERIC KIM Mexico City me Cindy mom

Seeing more artistically

hand of man ERIC KIM abstract

When I see this photo as a small thumbnail, I see the Creation of Adam [Hand of Man]:

  • hand of man ERIC KIM abstract

Seeing the world more abstractly

minimalist composition ERIC KIM

To see the world too literally is anti-artistic. To see the world more abstractly is superior.

Cindy abstract silhouette Mexico City

The never-ending process and journey

Then the goal:

Never stop.



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