zen stick snow

All I wanna do is make photos and philosophize!

My great joys in life:

Making photos, and philosophizing about photography.

Photo Philosophy

zen stick snow

Photolosophy; thinking deeper about the philosophy of aesthetics in photo, and meaning of photos.

Existential photography

If you experience something, but don’t take a photo of it, did it really happen?

Or in other words:

If something happened and you didn’t take a photo of it, and you don’t have photos to spark your memory. was the experience still ‘worth it’?

zen stick snow

Your photos reflect your aesthetic philosophy

stick zen air tree

When I look at a lot of my photos, I can see my penchant and appreciation for nature, manmade things, minimalism, simplicity, and society.

Also, I can see my childlike wonder of the world:

snow at 60 fps

Shoot yourself

selfie shadow iPhone pro

I love making selfies and photos of myself. Why? I am the ultimate subject. I know myself the best, and I have unlimited access to myself. I can never refuse to be photographed by myself.


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