My great joys in life:

Making photos, and philosophizing about photography.

Photo Philosophy

Photolosophy; thinking deeper about the philosophy of aesthetics in photo, and meaning of photos.

Existential photography

If you experience something, but don’t take a photo of it, did it really happen?

Or in other words:

If something happened and you didn’t take a photo of it, and you don’t have photos to spark your memory. was the experience still ‘worth it’?

Your photos reflect your aesthetic philosophy

When I look at a lot of my photos, I can see my penchant and appreciation for nature, manmade things, minimalism, simplicity, and society.

Also, I can see my childlike wonder of the world:

Shoot yourself

I love making selfies and photos of myself. Why? I am the ultimate subject. I know myself the best, and I have unlimited access to myself. I can never refuse to be photographed by myself.


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