High Photography

I like this notion of a ‘high culture’ (“haute culture” in French).

What if we could do the same in the realm of photography? To elevate the culture of photography to a higher height. To go BEYOND small and petty issues in photography. To think long-term in our photography and artwork, to focus on long-term thriving, and to use this knowledge to EMPOWER ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS on the globe, and far into the future!

Some proposals:

1. No categories

Avoid the nerdy compulsion to categorize everything. Perhaps we shouldn’t categorize our photography. This means just shoot everything, with no discretion!

2. Owning your own website/blog/platform

Tokyo abstract

To thrive long-term as a photographer, visual artist, and entrepreneur — it seems ESSENTIAL to own your own platform.

This means own your own website and domain (register on bluehost.com or 1and1.com) and install wordpress.org blogging and website framework.

3. Visual artist, not photographer

To be only a photographer seems too basic. Go BEYOND. You’re a visual artist, not just a photographer.

This means cross-pollinate all forms of your visual artwork, with no limits!

4. New ways of seeing the world

As photographers, we are almost visual cyborgs. With photography, we transform reality into interesting and different ways.

I am endlessly fascinated:

How can we see the world differently?


Elevate yourself, your photography, and the way you see, experience, and transform the world!



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