Introduction to Photolosophy

Dear friends,

Me and the HAPTIC CREW (Cindy, Annette, Jennifer) are currently working on an epic new project called “Photolosophy”: a digital starter kit that will comprise of video content, PDFs, articles, photos, and text to empower you as a photographer.

As I’m writing the book and course materials, I will post excerpts here. To be notified once PHOTOLOSOPHY is available in its entirety, subscribe to ERIC KIM NEWSLETTER.

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Introduction: What is photolosophy?

Dear friend,

I am very excited to have you part of this new journey with me, a new concept of “photolosophy”:

Photolosophy is at the intersection between photography and philosophy; a form of photo therapy and critically thinking about photography, art, creativity and our own personal goals and values

Photo therapy: Making photos for our own mental health. Photography as an accessible, democratic, and empowering form of conquering depressive feelings in life.
Critical thinking about photography: Trying to understand why we make photos, and for what final purpose.
Photography as a reflection of our own values: We make photos to reflect our own social, cultural values, and to share that perspective with others.
Personal goals in photography: What are our personal goals in our photography, and recognizing that our goals in photography will differ from others, and that’s okay!
The photographer as a visual artist-philosopher: Recognizing that photography ain’t just about making pretty photos to get lots of likes on social media, but for something deeper — making artwork that can inspire and empower others.

The mindset of photolosophy

We believe photolosophy to be (in the words of Cindy):

’Simple, grateful, photography’ way of life through stoicism, zen, frugality, contentment, gratitude, creative everyday, the art of living and traveling lightly, memory/appreciation, fear of strangers and the unknown.

Photography is a way of life. It’s the way we can practically conquer our fears of strangers (through street photography and stoicism), finding more focus and purpose in life (zen), creating things everyday (art empowerment), gratitude, connection with strangers (xenophilia), and having the guts to plunge into the unknown.

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Introduction to Photolosophy: