Rolls Royce in front of Sheraton hotel. Saigon, 2018

Why Share Photos?

Dear friend,

Simple question: why share photos?

Rolls Royce in front of Sheraton hotel. Saigon, 2018

Red carpet
Red carpet. Saigon, 2018

Let me share why I share photos:

  1. I see the ultimate purpose of my life to empower and help others. Thus, taking photos and never sharing them is purposeless to me.
  2. I share my photos because it brings me joy that I might be bringing joy into the lives of other people and fellow photographers.
  3. I like to share photos because I like to see the reactions of the faces of people when they look at my photos: the look of surprise, shock, or awe is fun to me.
  4. I share photos that I consider ‘visual sociology’ as a way to critique and comment on society; to hopefully change the minds and behaviors of people who look at my photos. For example my SUITS project is a critique on the “rat race” of money, consumerism, and the pursuit of happiness.

Family at Saigon Center Mall, 2018
Family at Saigon Center Mall, 2018

Now the reason I bring this up is this:

Ask yourself: “If I couldn’t share my photos with anyone else, would I still shoot them?”

And also ask yourself:

“Would I shoot photos only to please myself?”

Cindy lips Saigon

The benefit of shooting only for yourself is this:

  1. You’re going to enjoy the process of making photos more. And eventually, most likely, you’re going to share them.
  2. The more you make photos to please yourself, the more unique your photos will be. In other words, your photos will be more authentic, because you’re truly only making photos to please yourself. And funny enough, you’re more likely to please others, because viewers prefer authenticity in a photographer and artist.
  3. You’re not seeking to gain millions of followers. In an entrepreneurial perspective, you probably only need “1,000 true fans” to make a living from your passion, or make an impact upon the hearts and lives of your viewers!

Saigon tower, 2018

To sum up,

Make photos to please yourself. Then share the photos that please you, then keep making more photos which please you!


Why do you share photos?

Saigon sunset from “the deck seaside restaurant”, 2018

No right or wrong answer here. Just ask yourself, be totally honest, and perhaps share some of your thoughts in ERIC KIM FORUM >


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