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Now is the Time to Shoot!

What time is the best time to shoot? Now! Also in other news, my new book: ZEN OF ERIC is now live!



“Now is the time to drink!” – Horace

Horace is essentially my ultimate hype man. He gets me pumped up, encourages me to live in the NOW — and do things NOW; today, without delay for the (uncertain) tomorrow.

I like this philosophy that NOW (not later today) but RIGHT NOW is the best time to shoot. Currently on ERIC KIM FORUM we are running STREET CLUB SUMMER SCHOOL, which is your opportunity to shoot NOW; today — by just going inside Coffee Shops, and photographing on the way to a coffee shop, or inside the coffee shop.

Join Assignment #1: Coffee Shop in the ERIC KIM FORUM >

Go for a walk and just shoot

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I’m so inspired by the power of photography today– especially with computational photography, and also the power of the Google Pixel and HDR+ technology. Also any phone camera is more than good enough (with VSCO A6 presets).

“In the midst of hope and care, in the midst of fears and disquietudes, think every day that shines upon you is the last. Thus the hour, which shall not be expected, will come upon you with an agreeable addition.” – Horace

You have infinite potential and opportunities as a photographer. If you want to shoot more, just go on a walk around the block, and give yourself the assignment to take any photos that interest you, without self-censoring yourself!

More info in STREET HUNT >


The Zen Poet and Haiku writer Basho once wrote:

“In writing, do not let a hair’s breadth separate you from the subject. Speak your mind directly; go to it without wandering thoughts.”

I suppose in photography we can do the same — shoot your mind directly; without censoring yourself. Which means,

If you see something even .001% interesting, JUST SHOOT IT!

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“Don’t postpone the hour of living well.” – Horace

The way I see it:

If you shoot everyday, after 365 days, you will easily make a handful of photos you really like!

A practical tip: always walk around with a camera around your neck or your wrist. Wear your camera like a necklace or a bracelet. [HENRI STRAPS]

Or, just shoot with your phone! To be frank, your phone might be the ultimate camera. Small, compact, little friction to shoot with– and always with you!


Also another idea: Shoot film. I have found that shooting film is more timeless than shooting digital. Even now, I’m looking at old photos shot on black and white trix400 film (pushed to 1600) and they still look amazing!

And don’t just shoot today; use today to review your old photos, and re-publish them to your own website, blog, and platform!

Go ‘off-roading’

‘I was the original, who set my free footsteps upon the vacant sod; I trod not in the steps of others.’ – Horace

Shoot today, and shoot what interests you — and ignore everyone else!

Don’t seek the popularity of others

‘I hunt not after the applause of the inconstant vulgar.” – Horace

Why do we seek popularity and the applause of the masses? Horace wasn’t as acclaimed in his day as the other sophists and performers of his time; but his work still lasts today, nearly 2,000 years later!

“You grieve that you are shown but to a few.” – Horace

To be frank, even for myself in the past — I would grieve and mourn that I didn’t have a huge following. Even now, I still feel the pressure of society to judge my ‘success’ in life by my following.

But now, I’m starting to see the light — that my greater goal is to innovate in my photography, pave new paths, empower others, and to devote my life to seeking truth, knowledge, and to help create and share things that can help future generations.


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Introduction to Photolosophy:


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I’ve found poetry to be a good source of inspiration for creative insights, as well as my photography.

To start, here are some ‘practical’ poetry I recommend:

  1. The Epistles of Horace (Book 1)
  2. Tao Te Ching (Taoism)
  3. The Moral Sayings of Publilius Syrus

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