Photography Innovation

There’s nothing which brings me more joy and delight in life than innovating new things, new processes, and new ways of sharing!

How to innovate as a photographer:

First of all, I believe innovation comes from subtraction, what you decide NOT to do.

As Steve Jobs said:

Innovation is saying “no” to the 1,000 other good ideas you have.

I’ve innovated more in my photography by NOT using Instagram, and by deleting it. Now that I’m not on the gram, I’ve been innovating so much more, and thinking way outside the box!

For example, virtual reality Gopro fusion photography, video street photography (on my YouTube channel), PDF photography books, and studying more cinema and art in general!

I think today’s there are SO MANY opportunities for us to innovate in our photography.

For example I think all photographers can benefit from shooting video and studying cinematography.

Consider if you shoot 4k video, you can extract a 4,000 pixel wide photograph afterwards. There’s still so much untapped potential here!

Or, what’s new ways of visual storytelling with a 360 / virtual reality Gopro Fusion camera?

Photography education

Innovate in teaching via:

  1. Using Camtasia on your MacBook to screen cast your Lightroom or photography workflow.
  2. Put a GoPro on your camera, to teach how you take photos.
  3. Make a FREE PDF ebook of your teachings, and share it for free.

Photography projects


  1. Go old school and print a magazine of your work, via
  2. Learn Adobe Indesign or IBooks Author to make a free PDF PHOTO BOOK of your best work, and share it for free.
  3. Make a video photo slideshow of your work.
  4. Take your best photos, and sketch and draw on top of them with the iPad Procreate app, Photoshop, or any image editing app.
  5. Photograph 24 hours of your day, your morning routine, and only share it on your own website or blog.
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