The Visual Soundtrack of Your Life

A thought when listening to some hip hop music and looking through my photos:

I strive to make a visual soundtrack.

My photos are a reflection of me. My photos are imbued with my soul.

The beauty of grit and grain

To me, it seems that gritty and dark photos are more beautiful. Why? Perhaps there is more beauty in life via the raw, the tragic, and the difficult. The beauty of tragedy.

Master your own aesthetics

It seems the goal of photography and art is this:

For you to master your own personal aesthetics– for you to continually develop your artistic vision, taste, and to create your own visual culture for yourself.

Never stop

Never stop reviewing your old photos. Never stop collaging your photos, never stop thinking about photography, never stop thinking about art, and never stop thinking about elevating yourself to the next level as a photographer-artist.



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