The biggest sucker mistake we make in life is not shooting, and falling victim to “paralysis by analysis” before shooting a photo.

To photograph literally means “Light draw”. Photo (light), graph (draw/write).

As any art student knows, some of the most famous artists in history had to do thousands, tens of thousands of sketches and drawings and attempts before even getting one good painting or drawing.

For example, Picasso made on average 1 to 2 art pieces a day until he died! Not only did he paint, he also sculpted, drew, made stages, and experimented with all forms of art! The work that is most famous is only a few.

Same goes with Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci (he had thousands of preliminary sketches), Vincent van Gogh and many others!

Every photograph you shoot is an attempt. An attempt to make a good photo. But as any baseball player knows, not every swing of the bat will give you a home run! You need many “failed” attempts to get a few home runs! The same goes with photos, you must make lots of photos to get a few good ones.

In today’s world in photography, my friend Charlie Kirk said it best:

If you shoot film, you’re a photographer; if you shoot digital, you’re an editor.

Editor meaning someone who has to look through and be discerning to choose your best photos.

Therefore recognize as a modern photographer, you are BOTH a photographer and editor of your own work:

  1. You shoot the photos and
  2. You must select your best photos to share and publish.

How to know which of your photos are the best

The art of editing (choosing your best photos) is simple. My suggestion:

Either keep or ditch a photo.

If you’re not sure whether a photo is good or not, best to ditch it. Or upload it to to get feedback on your photos.

In today’s world with digital photography, we are drowning in an ocean of our own photos. Ultimately it’s my opinion that you should only share what you consider your favorite photos. And how do you know whether your photo is good or not?


If your photo puts a smile on your face, it’s a good photo!

Having a meal before our flight from Singapore back to Los Angeles. Shot on phone, processed with VSCO A6 preset.

Abstract photo: about to board the Singapore to To Los Angeles flight. Shot on phone and Processed with VSCO a6 preset. Shoot with whatever camera is convenient!

So long story short:

Just shoot whatever you find interesting, then figure out what to do with the photo after!



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