Photography: chronicle your own (epic) life story.

Your whole life.

You got a long life to live. Photograph your life journey.

Track your evolution

Paris tokyo blur

The joy of looking at your old photos:

Recognizing how far you’ve come, grown, and evolved as a photographer and visual artist.

Back to the fountains!

Go back to your original fountain; your archives.

Enjoy your early photos!

The rolling stone gathers no moss

You cannot control whether you make a great photo or not. You can control the amount of effort you put in.

Keep shooting, keep making photos, and figure it out later, and as you go:

Great photography and art is the goal

The more you shoot, the more you review your photos, the more you will discover your great photos:

The never-ending odyssey

This is where photography and art is great:

The odyssey never ends, until your death!



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