Photography is light writing. Graph means to write, carve, or create.


‘Digigraphy’ as writing or creating things digitally.

Photography is ‘digi-graphy’ — making digital photographs.

Writing or blogging as digigraphy.

Writing digitally

This is interesting — with digital, to scratch or cut into (graphy) isn’t applicable.

In pre-modern times, to write was to literally carve words, signs, images, or picto-grams into cave walls, wood, or other surfaces.


The closest to the notion of ‘writing’ [graph] comes from the word ‘gerb‘ — to carve.

The notion of carving is fascinating because:

  1. To create a statue is to carve it out of a slab of stone.
  2. To create a photograph is to carve out a portion of it [to frame a scene is to carve out what you consider important]
  3. To write is to carve your words, thoughts, and ideas onto paper.

Also to style one’s hair (cutting hair) as carving away superfluous hair.

There are many forms of writing

  1. Light writing [photography]
  2. Writing on a piece of paper, or digitally
  3. Writing as blogging [digitally]
  4. Speaking or recording videos as graphing (carving) your voice or sound into objects.

Record what is important to you

You decide what to carve, write, or create. Simply record, document, and create what matters to you. Use light, sound, words, ideas, images, visual, bodily, etc — to graph and write!



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