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Zero Digital Photography

Something I’ve been thinking a lot about:

Zero waste.

Truth be told, waste is just bad to me in terms of an aesthetic rather than environmental thing. I think the earth is powerful enough to withstand waste, but still — every time I have an unnecessary can or unnecessary packaging for things, it feels dumb, and aesthetically wasteful/ugly.

Also whenever I fill up the gas in the car I am driving, it feels dumb and silly. It is 2021 … and we are still putting fossil fuels into our cars, in an age where we recharge our smartphones on the daily? Imagine having an iPhone which ran on a gasoline generator.

What is zero digital photography?

Well, for me —

Digital photography is very appealing and pleasing to me in terms of an aesthetic and environmental perspective.

Film photography is great, but is hugely expensive, cumbersome, and wasteful (in terms of the film, film packaging, chemicals, and the trash in the packaging of the film). And truth be told, I think the main appeal of film photography (besides the aesthetics) is this strange notion that anything old-school, from the past is superior, for the sake of it (romantic notions of photography).

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So the main appeal of digital photography:

No waste.

selfie ERIC KIM iPhone pro ultra wide

Digital photography is hugely under-estimated and appreciated

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A huge thing on my mind:

Digital photography (and digital publishing, like blogging, publishing PDF e-books, etc) is huuuuugely under-appreciated, and under-exploited.

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Towards zero waste

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Then perhaps from an aesthetic perspective, let us pursue zero in our photography.



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