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The Beauty of Zero

It seems the trend now is towards ‘zero’ — zero waste. Thinking about Peter Thiel’s “Zero to One” book as well on entrepreneurship.

Then I thought about the notion of Zero– how beautiful it is.

Why Zero?

Zero followers. Zero cares. Zero worries. Perhaps the more we can make ourselves ‘zero’ and to start from scratch (carte blanche ideals), then we can allow the new and the “1” to enter our lives.

Zero as an aesthetic thing

I’ve found that ‘zero emissions’ or ‘zero waste’ to be mostly an aesthetic thing. For example, I recently bought a 12-pack aluminum cans of Cold Brew Coffee at Costco (Kirkland for life) and every time I finish a can, I look at the aluminum can and think:

Wow this is so wasteful.

And it is not even an ‘environmental’ thing — to be frank, I am not too worried about the environment (I think it will be fine). I have discovered that zero is mostly an aesthetic, not an environmental thing.

For example, why Tesla and electric cars are so pleasing– zero as fashionable. Zero as a concept.

Take it back to zero

PURGE to zero, then re-fill.

For example, my joy of getting rid of all my devices, then truly re-assessing whether I truly need them or not.


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