The Will to Simplicity

Simpler is better:

Simplify our thoughts, our artwork, and our mode of living. Simple, strong, supple.

Simple is a sign of strength

The goal is to become stronger. Perhaps in order to become stronger, we must become simpler?

Berlin, 2019

Why simple?

Simplifying things as fun (creative destruction). To strip the superfluous is an interesting challenge.

Only through much experimentation do we discover what is essential and what isn’t. Also, our needs are constantly changing and evolving which means what is essential now might be superfluous tomorrow (and vice versa).

Berlin, 2019

My will to simplicity in photography

Berlin, 2019

My current desire: make the simplest, most beautiful and sublime images.

Kid Berlin
Berlin, 2019

Why simple images? Simple images stick with you. To subtract the inessentials in an image to highlight the essential.

Selfie Ricoh eric kim

Simpler is the best.



Less is better:

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