Wonderment & Awe

Paris, 2015
Paris, 2015. Me and Cindy’s mom at the farmer’s market in Paris for the first time.

Photography is only worthwhile because it gives us excitement, passion, and enthusiasm about the world.

Once we’ve lost a sense of wonderment and awe in our photography and life, what is there left to strive towards?

Vancouver, 2015 (photo by Cindy Nguyen)
Vancouver, 2015 (photo by Cindy Nguyen)

My niece Amelia always says, “Wow…” when she sees something new.

What if we said the same?


As an assignment, walk around an entire day like you were a child. Point at everything and say “Wow!” And take a photograph of it.

This will help you find more appreciation in the small things in life. They might not be the world’s best photos— but children take photos to follow their curiosity, not to make great “art”, that will one day be exhibited in a gallery.

Keep to your child’s mind, or “beginner’s mind.”

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