Zen photography:

  1. One camera, one lens (RICOH GR III)
  2. Monochrome (one color). Or for color photography, keeping the colors super simple.
  3. JPEG only
  4. Direct, honest, and genuine photos. Only photographing what you’re interested in or care about.
  5. No metrics for your photos. Sharing your photos on your website or blog. No social media.
  6. Enjoying the perpetual process of improving your photography. No finality, or no perfect state. Continually making new photos, and striving for more.
  7. Photography as giving you calm strength, an invigorated calm, and a strong purpose of living and life.


  1. Simple compositions. Simpler is better. Simple and elegant is the goal.
  2. Impute your soul into your images. Only photograph what you care about.
  3. Make photos to reflect on the transitoriness of life, yet delight in the fact that we are alive now!


Less is better:

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