Less is more beautiful:

Via negativa aesthetics this means:

Beauty is achieved by chiseling away the superfluous rather than “adding”.

For example for a superior bodily physique, better to subtract fat than add muscle. Or to make the design of a car or something more beautiful, figure out which superfluous details to remove (for example the flush front bumper of a Tesla Model S or Model 3, or the flush handles of the Tesla cars).

Or for health, rather than figuring out what to eat, best to figure out what *NOT* to eat (starch, sugar, carbs, alcohol, etc).

With health, happiness and well-being, better to REMOVE negative or toxic people from your life than to “add” good friends. Or for better living, better to SUBTRACT street noise (don’t live near a busy street), or to SUBTRACT superfluous bedrooms or floors or stairs.

To be more productive, better to subtract distractions then to to “add” productive techniques.


Clear mind ERIC KIM

Less is better:

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