The Best Mind is a Clear Mind

My friend Jeffrey Lam said it best:

ERIC, it seems that in life you optimize for “mindspace”, and you’re willing to trade money, convenience and other things to maximize your mindspace.

I agree. For me, the best mind (or my own optimal mind for myself) is mostly via negativa: I want *fewer* worries, cares, and needless thoughts in my mind. I want to have a crystal clear mind — to gain a more clear picture of things and the world. Clairvoyance — clear vision is what I desire.

And what to do with this clear mind?

Let interesting innate thoughts and ideas come to me, to speak to me, in order for me to focus on my creative “ideation”.

And these more interesting ideas and thoughts — I desire to meditate, think on them, marinate them, and eventually write about them and share them with the world!


Clear mind ERIC KIM

Less is better:

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