Ideation 101


The art of coming up with new ideas.

Why ideation? Why ideas? A world and society without any new ideas is a society on the decline.

How do I get new ideas?

Half of the good ideas I get are in the gym. Why the gym? My theories:

First theory: When you are at the gym, you got a big space. A lot of other people just walking around is also good visual stimuli. Some sort of visual ‘stochastic’ resonance (visual distractions ironically help us focus a bit, and help us come up with new creative ideas).

Focusing on physiology and food

I get more inspiration when I can dance and get in the zone. Listening to Kanye West (Wash us in the blood) on loop, with some BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones while the front door is open. Ironically the random noise of outdoors plus noise cancelling helps me focus?

Calling out BS

How to Live More

I always thought to myself:

Why do we gotta do things this way?

A lot of things which made no sense to me … I liked to challenge convention. This seems like a great way to innovate!

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