The funny realization I had:

I am the most zen, peaceful and tranquil when my adrenaline and focus is at its peak.

For example, powerlifting before a one rep max attempt for deadlift or squat.


The reason why we aren’t so tranquil and zen in everyday life is that everyday life isn’t physically challenging or interesting enough.

All modern “feats of strength” (how efficiently you can process your email inbox, check things off your todo list as insanely uninteresting, boring and hateful to us).

Morale and lesson: Do more things which elevate your adrenaline in a positive, productive and creative way. For example the adrenaline rush I get from street photography or social interaction which is good. And deadlifting, and squatting and powerlifting!

If you’re not afraid of potentially failing, it isn’t difficult, challenging or interesting enough!

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