Why Share Your Photos?

Philosophical question:

Why share your photos?


  1. A photo un-shared doesn’t exist. Photos should create some sort of impact in the viewer. Photography as social.
  2. It brings great joy for us humans to share. ‘If you care, share’.
  3. But can one ‘over-share’? Yes. But my new thought– when in doubt, share more. Why? We are all voracious in appetite for images, videos, and ‘content’. Rather than having others binge Netflix, why not share your personal photos, your family photos instead?

Social media 4.0

I proposed Social Media 4.0 — in which you share voraciously mostly with family members and close friends. You can use Google Photos and make albums and share them with friends and family, or you can send photos directly via messenger services. For example I share most of my family photos via ‘Kakaotalk’ directly with my family members (the ‘What’s App’ for Koreans).

What is the best way to share your photos?

I say:

NOT on Instagram, NOT on Facebook … in which you are just sharing them into the ether.

Best to DIRECTLY send your photos, videos, and art works to people you care for, people who are meaningful to you, and have had an impact in your life.

In terms of sharing online, best to share them to your own website/blog.

As you share, you curate.

How do you know which of your photos is the ‘best’? I say:

When you discern which photos to share (or which *NOT* to share) you are actively editing your photos!


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