Don’t Strive to Make Good Photos

A big thing that has helped re-motivate my photography:

Don’t care whether you make “good” or “bad” photos.

Better yet: don’t strive to make good photos. Just shoot for fun!

You have no contemporaries

One of the biggest things which has helped me and my personal artistry:

Imagine as you have no contemporaries.

Only find inspiration from (dead) or (really old) masters.

The problem of paying too much attention to your contemporaries:

You are more likely to make derivative photos.

If your goal is to make truly original photos based on your personal taste, then:


What is a ‘good’ photo anyways?

A good photo:

A photo which brings you joy.

I believe that we need to PRIVATELY enjoy our own photos. We need to judge our own personal authenticity; whether we are truly making photos for ourselves. And this is my thought:

If your desire is to leave a legacy as a photographer, FIRST strive to make photos that please you. THEN share your photos!

You might be less popular in the short-term, but you are more likely to thrive in the long-term.

You are the best self-judge


Just keep shooting. Shoot photos as you breathe.

If you desire to share your photos, the best place to share them is your own website/blog.

Approach photography like a child

When do we learn that certain things are “good” or “bad”? As we get socialized from childhood to adulthood.

A child plays for fun; no regard for “good” or “bad”.

Become more child-like in your photography

Let us take a zen or taoist approach to photography:

See the world from the eyes of a child, or “beginner’s mind“.

For example my niece Amelia — she shoots for fun, and actually doesn’t really care to see the photos after-the-fact. Perhaps this is the best way to approach photography?



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