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Optimize Your Life for Photography

Simple idea:

Considering photography is our passion, and considering there is no ultimate purpose to life, and considering that photography may be our Archimedes lever in life … isn’t the optimal approach to life to optimize for your photography and photographic output?

This then means:

  1. If your thing is street photography, preferably live in a downtown city. This will maximize your photography opportunity moments.
  2. Use the smallest and most convenient always carry with you type of camera setup would will minimize the friction and barrier for you to shoot more photos. This may be RICOH GR III, iPhone Pro, or Google Pixel.
  3. Expose yourself maximally during the day for the maximum of novelty of environments and situations. This means it is perhaps better to be more profligate (“wasteful” in money) and frequent more coffee shops, restaurants, or just going out to shop or buy groceries. To be surrounded by other humans is best.

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