Reliability abstract


As I get older, it seems I prize reliability more and more. The “best” less and less.

Priuses over Lamborghinis

Lamborghinis and hyper cars are cool, but are they reliable? No. A simple reason I’d never desire to own and have to maintain a Lamborghini. It seems with cars, the most reliable car is the best (I think it’s probably a Toyota Prius).

Disdain for unreliable cameras

RICOH GR III is an insanely great camera, but it’s also insanely unreliable. A reason I’m starting to disdain this camera, and prefer the robust and reliable nature of my Lumix G9. Especially for us photographers, missing a decisive moment … is it worth it? I say:

If for every 10,000 photo attempts with one critical error of your camera, it ain’t worth it.

Recently my RICOH GR III has been having errors— storage errors. I’d shoot a photo and the screen turns black and says “image cannot be stored”. Fuck that! If I’m trying to photograph a decisive moment of any kind of insanely high worth and my RICOH fails, it ain’t worth using at all.

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