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Why Share Your Photos?

We all go ga-ga over how to get more followers, likes, blah blah blah. But how come we never ask:

*WHY* share your photos?

Some of my thoughts:

1. Share photos to impact and move people

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It seems we humans derive great joy in making an impact on others or on the world. Thus, to share your photos and have your photos be seen by others is good… because your photos will impact them, change them, and affect their emotions-thinking a certain way.

2. Photos are political

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When you shoot a certain photo or share it… it is political. Also philosophical. You only shoot that which you find personally interesting. Therefore the photos you shoot are truly a reflection of yourself, your own personal morality-ethics, and your own line of thinking.

3. Creating art for yourself or for others?

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If we consider the ancient Greeks and Romans …the notion of creating great art works (poetry, epics, statues, etc) was in order to impact others. How bad would it be if Socrates never lectured and philosophized in public, or how bad would it be if Plato kept all his writings to himself, or if Nietzsche never published his books and writings and works for the public. This would be bad.

Why Seneca

4. Sharing my photos makes me happy!

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Simply put, there is a joy of sharing. My friend said:

“If you care, share”.

Seems to be good advice. Only share what you care about or what you care for.

But what if you care for all your photos? Then by all means, share all your photos!


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