Why I Am So Passionate About Photography

Photography is fucking awesome. Why?

1. Easy to learn

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Primo, photography is easy to learn. Anyone can use a camera to make instant art.

But, photography is like chess. Easy to learn, but will take a lifetime to master.

To me, I loved how I was able to pick up photography so quickly.

Nowadays anyone with a camera phone is a photographer.

The best art is the one that is easy to start.

2. Social critique

To me, I don’t believe in art for art sake. I believe photography and art should serve a SOCIAL PURPOSE.

For me, I’m trying to change the world in a positive way, by critiquing the world.

My photos are NOT OBJECTIVE by any means. They are very critical of society. I try to make that obvious to see.

In my pictures, I try to tackle issues such as race, class, economics, the stress of working as a SUIT, money and the lust for more, as well as the negative effects of technology on society.

Dubai, 2016

I want to not just make pretty photos. I want to make photos to challenge the assumptions of others.

It is easier to convince people with photos, instead of words. This is why I love photography:

Pictures can change the minds and hearts of people more effectively than (empty) words.

3. Intentional living

I’m usually distracted by my digital devices. But photography helps me PAY ATTENTION… and APPRECIATE my loved ones.

Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject
Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject

I live more intentionally with photography. If I want to make good photos, I must see the beauty and things I’m grateful for in life.

Whenever I click the shutter, I’m telling myself:

This is a beautiful moment. Thank God I am alive to experience this.

4. Fun

If you’re not having fun making photos, you’re doing it wrong.

Life is short. Why waste it making photos that bore you? Be a big kid. Have fun when making photos. Dance with your subjects.

I have more fun with my photography by not taking it so seriously. I treat making pictures like water painting as a child on blank paper. There are no good or bad photos. Only boring photos and non-boring photos.

Nowadays I don’t care whether others like my photos or not.

I only care whether I like my photos. And I always ask myself,

If someone else shot this photo, would it interest me?

I disconnect myself from my own photos. I pretend like someone else shot it.

And if the photos still interest me, they are good photos.

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