Purple and yellow umbrella

How to See the World

Purple and yellow umbrella
Purple and yellow umbrella on the floor.

Dear friend,

How do you increase your visual perception, or how you see the world?

1. Study Fibonacci sequences and Fractal patterns: Most of nature grows in a self-guided nature. Just go on Google Images and research Fibonacci Spiral and Fractals. See how nature grows. Note the shapes, forms, and curves. See how they are so dynamic, and feel alive. Then when you look at any designs, consider how the Fractals, the curves, and all the other elements come together. Do this when studying watch design, interior design, architecture, car design, the proportions of camera design, as well as photographs, paintings, and sculpture.
2. Study color combinations. There is an “opponent color theory” which is essentially the way that we see and perceive color is based on contrasting colors. For example, red vs green. Orange vs blue. Black vs white. Sometimes the best way to study opposite colors is to look at sports teams, especially basketball teams (New York Knicks have blue and orange, the Lakers are yellow and purple, the Brooklyn Nets are black and white, the Golden State Warriors are Blue and Yellow). And when you explore the world, actually LOOK for colors.
3. Simplify: Start with a simple black background, then study visual forms. See how 3D things work. Study perspective. Study perspective. In photography, figure out what the world looks like from a 28mm lens, vs a 35mm perspective, or from a 50mm perspective. Use one camera, one lens for at least a year, to master the perspective and point of view of one focal length.

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