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How to Become a Great Photographer

What is our goal being photographers and visual artists? Simple; not to become a petty and small photographer, but to strive towards greatness, magnanimity, and to become a great photographer!

Some thoughts

The goal is to master photography. To master your usage of your camera, like your sword or tool; your instrument to create images. Any way shape form or technique is good; if it promotes your creative and artistic flourishing. For example, not just still photos, but also moving photos (video):

Or another fun thing I’ve been doing — shooting videos, then watching them full screen on my laptop, then shooting screenshots of the slices of the video I like; it is a form of ‘meta-photography‘ (shooting screen shots of your own videos… it is like creative ‘double dipping!)

Greatness doesn’t need to compare itself to another

To become a great photographer… what need do you have to compare yourself with other photographers? The truly great, huge and magnanimous artists have zero interest in what other artists are doing. Your goal is to strive towards your own personal longevity and greatness, not to merely ape or feel bad about not being as good as others.

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