Meta-Photography: Take Screenshots of Your Videos and Transform them into Photographs

For example, I’ve been shooting 4K on my Lumix G9, playing it on Quicktime on my laptop, and screenshooting it, then uploading it as JPEG images on this blog!

I took this video:

Played it on my laptop, and took screenshots of photos of my bodybuilding I liked:

Why is this so fun?

Timing. Same goes with watching cinema on your laptop, and pausing and timing when you see a nice composition. Perhaps this is also the joy people get from DDR, dance timing games, beat saber, etc.

Also, you can take the screenshots and drop it into iMovie, add some beats, and re-imagine and re-mix it into something new:

  1. You shoot a video
  2. You play the video and screenshot stills you like
  3. You export the stills
  4. You can turn the stills into a slideshow

How fun! You can squeeze more marrow from the art-work you create!

Milk the gravy train dry.

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