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Psychology of the Photographer

Something which I contemplate on much:

What is the psychology of the photographer-artist?

In other words:

Why do we photograph? Why do we get so much joy from photography? What makes our psyche as photographers unique from others?

Photography as augmented living

  • selfie angel wings ERIC KIM

First thought:

Through photography, I live more.

Photography affords me the opportunity to *SEE* more beauty in my everyday lived reality. Furthermore, it uncovers hidden beauty in the shadows of existence.

Photography as self-introspective

I am interested in myself, and also the world around me. Recognizing that me, the photographer (ERIC KIM) is the locus of visual control and perspective in life, then I treat myself as the instrument and the tool for interacting and engaging with the outside world.

Photography as proof-making?

In some ways, it is better to explain things visually than just with words. To explain something I saw via a visual image (photograph) as more accurate, direct, and clear.

On documenting your life journey

Photography is also interesting, because it is a form of self-documentary. But for the sake of who? For the sake of the current living, for your children, for your future (yet to be) children, and also for future generations.

Photographing the beauty of nature

Humans have natural ‘bio-philia’ (love of the biological, love of the organic). Consider all these uber-luxury homes, and architectures revolve around nature. For example, the apex of living seems to be some sort of glass house/dome in the middle of the wilderness, or a home on the cliff — overlooking a sea. I know personally one of the most tranquil and sublime settings I experienced was when in a ‘Ryokan’ (Japanese bathhouse) in Kyoto-Uji, in a simple tatami mat room overlooking the rushing river right outside my window.

Photography for joy, fun, and the most extreme affirmation of life, and that of existence.

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