The Philosophy of Blogging

Blogging — perhaps the most underrated, under appreciated tool and communication technology we currently have.

Philosophers of the past would have loooooved to have a blog

When reading the books, aphorisms and passages of Nietzsche, I thought to myself:

Wow, these are like really good, epic blog posts.

Profound in thought and character, yet strong and forceful thoughts. I imagine if he had the opportunity to blog, he wouldn’t have needed the ability to find a publisher for his books.

Also —

How many great thinkers and thoughts of the past weren’t brought to light because they weren’t able to find a publisher?

Blogging — anyone and everyone can share their thoughts. The democratic nature:

Blogging is far more meritocratic — with good enough thoughts and enough practical marketing and self promoting savvy, any individual can find an audience for their ideas, thoughts, creations, and art works.

The upper limit of blogging has yet been uncovered or discovered

Perhaps this might be my legacy, or my primary Archimedes lever which I should focus on — blogging mastery. To create new innovations in blogging, new techniques, new approaches, and new insights to blogging.