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Minimum Viable Photo (MVP)

A concept I got from my friend Ryan from Backyard Brew in Palo Alto (I am quite sure Ryan is the one who truly invented the notion of a ‘minimum viable product‘ in Silicon Valley). I wonder — how can we apply this concept to our photography?

The ‘small thumbnail‘ test.

ERIC KIM selfie face mask

The first idea:

Look at your photos as small thumbnails, and if they still pop out at you, they are probably effective images.

The reason why is this:

Most people will probably be looking at your photos on small phones (not full screen on a laptop or desktop) which means–

Your photos must ‘pop’ even when small!

Kettlebell 105 pounds 48kg

What makes a strong ‘minimum viable photo’?

My thought —

Something to do with humans.

Being able to see eyes, movement, and gestures and emotions is good.

Not striving towards perfection with your photos

Cindy hiking black and white

No such thing as a perfect photo. Nor should there. Then it means:

To enjoy the process of always making (new) photos and to continue to feast our eyes!




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