MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

A way I love to approach life:

Always in beta testing/prototype quickly, and keep iterating!

Minimum Viable Product

I love the silicon valley notion of the “MVP”: minimum viable product. The basic idea is this:

It doesn’t need to be “perfect”. Just make something that works, and put it out there!

For example instead of seeking to make a perfect photo book, better to put together a “dummy book” and share it with others to get feedback, and figure out how to iterate it and improve it.

Or if you have a business/entrepreneurial idea, keep the ball rolling by producing the “minimum viable product” and testing/adjusting it in reality!

80% “good enough” and just hit publish

I think a minimum viable product can also apply to blogging, writing, or any other creative product/project.

Just make something 80% “good enough” and hit publish!

It is impossible to see how others will react until you put your artworks out there.

Remember the Steve Jobs quote:

“Real artists ship.”

Which means,

Real artists publish and share their works in progress, even if it isn’t perfect!

Conquer ‘paralysis by analysis’

Trust me, I get suckered by “paralysis by analysis” all the time. In striving to make my artworks perfect, I become paralyzed and do nothing.

And this is my belief:

Better to share something “shitty” and in-progress than than to share nothing at all.

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