Why You Must Assert Your Personality

There is only one of you in the universe, and your thoughts, ideas, philosophies, and artworks are valuable.

Why strive to become someone else, to emulate the virtues of others, and why negate your personality and ego? Why not assert and express yourself, your individuality, and yourself?

My thoughts:

  1. You have gifts to share with others. By asserting your personality (and not watering yourself down or self-censoring yourself), you give the fullest maximum of your gifts. Being prolific and fruitful and sharing many of your gifts will benefit all of mankind.
  2. By asserting yourself, you gain more self-confidence, strength, hope, and optimism: If your goal is to help empower others, it seems that you must develop your self-esteem to the highest zenith and beyond. Whenever you abnegate (self-negate) yourself, you lose power; potential power that will give you the will to live, thrive, learn, and share more with others.
  3. You set a good role model for others: I don’t think there is such thing as a “good” or “bad” personality– I only believe in authentic or inauthentic personalities. And the degree of authenticity is all determined by you. Philosophically speaking I think the more courageous individuals we have in society, the better. Thus, you can become the lead domino and make a “domino effect” in empowering others to be themselves.
  4. You don’t become resentful: Resentment is drinking poison and hoping others die from it. Resentment is one of the most petty emotions we can feel, and resentment often tears apart families, individuals, and relationships. You never want to feel resentment, especially to a loved one; and most importantly– you never want to feel resentment to yourself! My theory is that when you’re resentful to yourself and desire to exact revenge on yourself, you start to inflict self-harm on yourself or even worse– contemplate suicide. Better to be stubborn and follow your own personality (even though you will mildly annoy others) than to feel even an ounce of resentment towards any other human being/yourself.

You are valuable, and you’re a diamond and a gem.

Don’t squander your gifts, don’t hide your own light under a bushel; let your talents and luminance shine into others!



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