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Indifference to Pain or Suffering

In life, we will experience much pain and suffering. What is the best way to approach this?

Know it is part of the game — and become more indifferent towards your personal pain and suffering, and the only time to address it is in order to *NOT* keep yourself in a disadvantageous situation.

For example, let us say you are in an abusive relationship. You will experience much pain and suffering. The smart thing — channel the pain and suffering as an intelligent signal to *GET OUT* of that relationship, no matter what. But once you’re out of the relationship and you think about the past pain and suffering, rather than feel bitter resentment (like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies) — best to just feel indifferent towards your past suffering.

What has happened has happened and the only intelligent thing to do is move forward.

Work through the pain, and fix the pain.

Let us say you get an injury– whether physical or mental. Then the goal:

Figure out what your injury is, and figure out how to ‘rehab’ it — via active physical therapy or mental therapy.

For example if you get some sort of injuries in your joints– figure out how to do active therapy (yoga, stretching, and active dynamic strengthening exercises), and then —

After rehab, you will become *STRONGER* than you were before the injury.

Like Nietzsche said:

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

In our words:

That which has injured me or hurt me in the past can be a positive stimulus to help me focus on becoming *STRONGER* than I was before the injury!



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