The Goal is to Become Stronger

Let us not be fooled. The purpose of life is to become stronger. Infinite strength gains.

How does one become stronger?

  1. Increasing the difficulty and challenges in your life. Increasing the resistance (consider weight lifting as ‘resistance’ training).
  2. Not being a coward; attempting the epic.
  3. Physiology: Consuming more meat. Also consuming more poisons (caffeine, coffee, tea, bitter hormetins, spicy foods, fermented foods, cocoa). We are strong enough; we can transform poisons into our food and nutrition!
  4. Intermittent fasting: Fasting makes your body stronger, and your mind stronger too.
  5. Stoicism: To become harder, more cured, and more resilient and anti fragile to the cruel and senseless happenings of fate.


Become invincible:

The Stoic Masters

Marcus Aurelius statue
Marcus Aurelius

Learn from the master stoics:

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