Conquer Your Anger

Transform your anger into your slave.

This is where I deviate from my stoic brothers:

Anger ain’t something to remove. No. This beautiful dragon should be harnessed, channeled, conquered, and enslaved for our own needs and desires!

The power of anger

When you are angry, you tap into much energy and physiological power. I say–

If we can transform hurricanes into energy, or turn nuclear power into electricity … can’t we do the same with our emotions?

The goal

Conquering your anger. Turning your anger into your slave. Make your anger do your duties. Some ideas:

  1. Channel anger into lifting weights. Anger-power to lift weights is good.

How to Become a Stoic

Become invincible:

The Stoic Masters

Marcus Aurelius statue
Marcus Aurelius

Learn from the master stoics:

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