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How I Became Me

You can only become yourself.

1. Opinion

The first: own your own opinion.

To opinion is to ‘opine‘– to think for yourself, judge for yourself, and decide for yourself.

In the past when did I get suckered? I got suckered when I spent too much time asking others for their opinion before consulting my own opinion.

2. Having the extreme courage to be 100% responsible for yourself, your existence, and the consequences

Living to Die or Dying to Live?

Another thing I’ve learned:

To truly become yourself… you gotta take EXTREME RESPONSIBILITY for your own life.

This means:

Never blame nobody else but yourself.

Even more robust:

Don’t even blame yourself.

Life is about action and reaction. Cause and effect.

3. Extreme focus

Extreme focus in myself. Extreme selfishness.

What is the Point of Being Alive?

If you spend too much time meddling in the affairs of others, you can never truly become yourself.

You gotta ask yourself:

Given your short life, what do you desire to devote your life towards?

4. It’s all about progression

Embodied Reality is the Best Reality

You gotta keep it moving. You gotta direct your own self-evolution.

Keep moving your feet forward! Literally and metaphorically.

5. Only you can stop you!


Only you is the person you can stop. If you decide:

Only I can stop me

Then you got 100% control over your fate and future!

6. Fear is for suckers

Do You Need to Be Scared?

Are you the slave to fear, or is fear your slave?

Once you can enslave your fear and turn it into your pet. This is the goal.


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