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Direct Your Own Self-Evolution

You can evolve into a higher form (in your own lifetime)!

Don’t worry too much about what our ancestors did in the past, or what is ‘natural’ for us. Perhaps the goal is instead to strive to direct our own self-evolution.

This is the extreme optimism I have:

I believe that even within one generation (our personal lifetime) we can evolve into a higher form.

For example a basic one: putting on much muscle mass, getting body fat to 10%, simply through eating more meat (no carbs) and through weight lifting (powerlifting style, deadlift, squat, etc).

The factors to optimize for

  1. Nutrition (lots of meat, preferably fatty beef) to fuel our muscles and brains.
  2. Optimal climate and location for you. Listen to your body — in which climate conditions does your body thrive? For example it seems the weather in Vietnam (hot, humid, sunny) was optimal for me. Much of my best creative work was done in Hanoi and Saigon.
  3. Weight lifting and walking: If your goal is to maximize your own well-being, joy, happiness and physical and mental strength, we must lift weights at least once a day and walk at least 5 miles a day. It’s a lot to ask for in modern life, but I think it might be a physiological human necessity — just as important as sleep (which we also probably need 8-10 hours a night).