Some thoughts on fear:

First of all, should we fear? What is the difference between fear and prudence?

In Iliad, the heroes are stirred on by the gods. When do they fail? When they get suckered. When for example, Hector is deceived by the gods, which leads to his untimely death. So perhaps we shouldn’t fear — but rather, not be deluded. 


Perhaps we just need to avoid delusion from embodied reality. 

No genius without a touch of madness?

Then another thought:

Perhaps lacking some sort of prudent fear is a sign of those who are “insane” or crazy. But perhaps this is a necessary component of attempting the insanely great and epic?

Self-induced fear, or externally induced fear?

Something I’ve learned about myself:

When I stay to myself and stay in my zen zone and avoid the news, social media, Twitter, Facebook, websites, blogs, tv, etc … I tend to not be fearful. But the second I load up anything related to the news or external sources of news (run by advertising and for profit entities), then I get fearful.

Thus the next principle:

Media, technology is the problem in terms of promoting fear.

Thus if you wanna cure yourself of fear, cure yourself of the news.

Cure the fear of death

Why live forever?

Death is nothing to us. If you conquer the fear of death, then you really have nothing to fear.

Go on a natural walk

Own your own opinion

Nothing is better to refresh my mind and nerves than going on a beautiful and peaceful nature walk. Either that or lifting weights at home, and blasting some JAY Z or KANYE WEST on my speakers.

Why do you fear?

Then think:

What is the upside or the benefit of being fearful? 

Let this guide you.


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