I love the stoics of the past, but what is my criticism?

They didn’t go far enough.

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My criticisms of the past stoics

  1. Seneca: Great, but I get the vibes that he was too hyper anxious. Not zen and stoic and hard enough.
  2. Marcus Aurelius: Great. But his vibes are too gloomy.
  3. Diogenes: Cynic/Stoic combo. He is great and hilarious, but who knows… is his life of poverty truly what he believed in, or is it that he just had no other options?

My critique of other past philosophers

A thought:

Is there any philosopher who has come before me who has been able to deadlift more than me? (455 pounds).


Were all notable non-married philosophers non-married because they weren’t good with women?

My predecessors

Probably my favorite philosopher of all time is Nietzsche. Nassim Taleb too.

Why Nietzsche? He was the first to figure out the importance of the body for philosophers (physiology).

Why Nassim Taleb? Strong. Tough minded. Deep thinker. Not a coward.

The pre-socratics

Heraclitus: all in a state of flow. Everything is in flux and in a state of becoming.

The goal

Go BEYOND the stoics of the past. A new ideal.


Become a Stoic

Become invincible:

The Stoic Masters

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Marcus Aurelius

Learn from the master stoics:

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